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Eppert Piano Studio: About Us

 YOUTH: Since 1988, Eppert Piano Studio has nurtured the total development of children through innovative music curricula in the Fishers area.

  • We believe ALL children are able to learn the language of music.
  • We believe ALL children deserve to find the joy of making music thru the use of stories and emotions while playing their pieces.
  • We believe it is important to teach about music and music theory while learning to play the piano.

This premier music program involves families in the joy of their children’s musical learning by inviting a parent to come into class the last 10 minutes for sharing time and asking the parent to help with the daily practice at home.


Youth lessons at the Home Studio of Eppert Piano Studio

8580 Shoe Overlook Dr, Fishers, In. 46038

Phone: 317-507-3171

Email: eppertpiano@gmail.com

Email inquiries are answered within 48 hours.

ADULT: Eppert Piano Studio is proudly expanding to include Adult Group Classes at 8580 Shoe Overlook Dr, Fishers, In. 46038

  • We believe that all adults benefit from music and playing an instrument.
  • We believe that as you embark on your journey, the non-musical benefits of playing the piano will be equally as important as the musical benefits.
  • We believe that adult students want to learn how to read music, how to play by chords and share with others in a stress-free environment.

These classes fall under the umbrella of RECREATIONAL MUSIC MAKING. This is a new trend in music sweeping the nation over the last several years. Recreational Music Making is the idea that the process and journey are as important as the end product. The classroom encompasses enjoyable, accessible and fulfilling activities that unite people regardless of their abilities or prior experiences. The classroom is a safe learning environment facilitated by a caring teacher using creative well-tested materials.

 adultstudentAdult lessons at Eppert Piano Studio

8580 Shoe Overlook Dr, Fishers, In. 46038

Email Sally Eppert at eppertpiano@gmail.com with questions or to schedule.