Private Lessons

Private Lesson Information

Private Piano Lessons are 30 or 45 minutes in length plus the 30 minute resource time before or after the lesson.

My goal is to develop the student’s full musical potential by presenting a balanced repertoire, progressive technique, music theory and performance opportunities.


30 min Private Lesson + Resource Time:   $119 per month or $1428 for a year.

45 min Private Lesson + Resource Time: $171 per month or $2052 for a year.

Also, all private lesson students are expected to participate in a group class lesson 5-6 weeks a year instead of their private lesson.  This allows us to work on technique, music theory, ensembles, improvisation, harmonization and music history together.


Students in private lessons have the opportunity to spend a half hour a week in the resource time.   The half hour is scheduled either before or after the student’s lesson.

The Resource Time includes:

**Macintosh Computer with theory and history software and a “midi” keyboard.

**History Cassette Tapes.  This series of 18 tapes and work sheets presents a different classical composer’s music and life story on each tape.

**The Excellent Pianist.  A series of cassettes that help the student with ear training, and contain information on helping the student develop a practice strategy and polished performances.

**Sequencer.  The sequencer is like a fancy tape recorder that enables the student to record themselves and layer the recordings(tracks) together.