What sets Eppert Piano Studio apart from the rest?

*LONGEVITY: 24 years of teaching small groups & private piano in Fishers. And 8 years of teaching piano before moving to Fishers.

*EDUCATION: Having both the many years of teaching experience and two college degrees in piano have helped to strengthen Sally’s teaching ability.

*PHILOSOPHY: Sally’s philosophy of teaching to all, not just the ‘talented’ few, has stood the test of time. Every person has within them the ability to play a musical instrument and play it well enough to receive enjoyment and fulfillment with the experience. My job is to bring out each person’s innate abilities, while making piano fun.

Sally works with every student on playing their music with expression. This gives the student a positive way to express his emotions. Think about how much fun it is to play a loud, fast part of the piece and then contrast it with the quiet, gentler part of the piece. Playing piano allows the student’s soul and feelings to be expressed in a positive manner!

*IN CLOSING: Sally Eppert has been teaching in her home in Fishers since 1988. She is excited to add Adult Group Lessons at Piano Solutions to her schedule this fall, 2014.

Sally has had the privilege of seeing many of her students stay with piano lessons from kindergarten through senior year of high school. Seeing children progress through the years makes teaching rewarding and fun!