Adult Group Classes


The Joy of Music is for Everyone…

Playing the piano is an amazing experience. We would encourage you to come and discover your musicality. Playing music at any level and any age enhances life. You are never too old and it is never to late to learn.

Although you will learn to read music, play chord charts, and engage your creative self, the classroom emphasis is on the experience of making music with others. You will enjoy the journey and experience a sense of well being through music making.

Come and join us. You Can Play… We Guarantee it!

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Benefits of the Small, Group Class:

  • Group playing enhances the learning experience and is fun.
  • Making music IS for everyone. We provide a safe learning environment facilitated by a caring teacher using creative, well-tested materials.
  • Group playing enhances companionship and fulfillment.
  • Group lessons help keep the excitement alive & improve confidence.

What You Learn the First Year:

  • Keyboard Geography
  • Incorporation of relaxation techniques into your playing
  • Note names on the musical staff
  • Hands Alone and Hands Together playing as each student is ready
  • “Lead Line” sheets with LH chords
  • Use of CD accompaniments to enhance playing: in class and at home.

What You Can Expect:

  • Five-Seven students in each class
  • Each student has their own piano in class-88 note digital piano.
  • Headphones available for private practice as needed.
  • The group class is ideal for creating many fun group-playing experiences!

Our Philosophy: The joy of music is for everyone. If the class is structured correctly, everyone can learn and enjoy the process. Students will experience a sense of well being if provided with a stress-free learning environment. Each student is encouraged at the own level, giving them the courage and confidence to stick with lessons.

Come and join us.You Can Play… We Guarantee it!

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